Friday, August 3, 2018

Our Digital Classroom/Ed Tech Cafe

Our Digital Classroom

Our classroom will have Chromebooks as a digital writing
and resource tool (though not exclusively), and Google Classroom
as a communication aid. Every week we will have Ed Tech Cafe to
learn more about becoming responsible Digital Citizens and capable
digital users.

We are a digital classroom with spaces to be rearranged for
Ed Tech Cafe, research teams, and rotation stations using tech.
The tone of our digital activity is encouraging and nurturing,
emphasizing boldness with innovation and tenacity with roadblocks.

Our class uses Google Classroom therefore communication
and feedback is clear and quick. Students, teacher and parents
can collaborate on projects and learning choices.

Ed Tech Cafe is a weekly activity that discusses current topics
of digital citizenship, learns new digital innovations, teaches skills,  and
designates time for varied use of the Chromebook.