Tuesday, January 8, 2019

12 Questions for Araby James Joyce 1/8/19

P 5 English 12 Questions: “Araby,” by James Joyce PH
1/8/19 due 1/9/19

1. Have you ever had doubts or ambivalent feelings about a promise like those of the narrator? Explain.

2.What does Mangan’s sister do to make a trip to the bazaar so important to the narrator? Describe three scenes that establish the narrator’s feelings for her.

3. Describe the narrator’s experience at Araby. What features of the Araby bazaar conflict with the narrator’s expectations?

4. Did you find the narrator’s descriptions of his neighborhood and childhood colorful, even romantic? Do his descriptions make the ordinary world as exciting and interesting as the world he hopes to find at the bazaar?

5. What has the narrator lost by the end of the story? What might he have gained?

6. Should the dreams of youth be protected, or can a disillusioning experience like the narrator’s teach a valuable lesson? Explain.

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