Friday, November 9, 2018

Writing a Novel In MzT's Class at VVCS (Victor Valley Christian School)

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Writing a Novel
In Ms. Taylor’s English Class
November 2018
Purpose: The purpose of writing a novel during November in class is to allow students the opportunity to use imagination, writing skills, and share camaraderie in the writing experience.  The quick pace of the experience is to create writing flow rather than technical expertise.
Requirements: Students are not required to join the NaNoWriMo site to write during the month of November in class; parental permission is required to join. Students are required to use their assigned VVCS email. Administration and the classroom teacher maintains access to all student writing for Ms. Taylor’s class on school Chromebooks. Student work will be printed out every week for assessment. Students may write at home under the supervision of their parents.
Specifications: Students will write their novel according to the standards of VVCS, that is, encouraging Biblical guidelines and morals. No violence, no sexual situations (implicit or explicit), or explicit or implied considerations of choices opposed to Biblical standards of marriage are allowed. In other words, the stories will be appropriate to age and rated G or PG.
Assessment: Students will receive points toward their English grade in Writing Strategies. Stories will be evaluated by completion of plot from rising action to climax to falling action and resolution; the creation of at least one complex character that changes and learns during the story; effective use of dialogue to advance the characterization and move the plot; a setting that presents an effective environment for the characters; and a recognizable theme for the story reflecting appropriate life lessons according to scripture. Stories will be word processed on the format of the Chromebook.
This activity will last from Thursday, November 1 to Friday, November 30, until the end of the student’s English Class, and ­­­emailed to Ms. Taylor.