Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Romeo and Julius (What We're Reading)

Julius Caesar, Act 1

Grade 10
"Julius Caesar" after Act I, Scene iii

Thinking about Act 1
1.   Respond: Which character interest you most? Why?
2.   (a) Recall: How do the workmen celebrate as the play begins? (b) Analyze: Why does their celebration annoy Flavius and Marullus?
3.   3. (a) Recall: What warning does the soothsayer give to Caesar? (b) Infer: What does Caesar’s reaction tell you about him?
4.   (a) Recall: What does Brutus say when he hears the shouts of the people? (b) Infer: What mixed feelings does the shouting arouse in Brutus: (c) Analyze: How does Cassius take advantage of Brutus’ conflicting feelings?
5.    Apply: Explain how Brutus, Cassius, and Caesar represent qualities that can be found in people of any time period.
6.   Predict: What do you suspect is going to happen in the next part of the play? Why?  

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
Thinking About Act 1
1.    Respond: If you were Romeo or Juliet, would you pursue a relationship? Explain
2.     (a) Recall: Based on Act 1, what facts do you know about Romeo’s and Juliet’s lives? (b) Compare and Contrast: How are these characters’ personalities alike and different:
3.     (a) Recall: What information about the two households is presented in the Prologue? (b) Connect: How does Juliet’s comment in Act 1 Scene v lines 137-138, echo the Prologue?
4.     Analyze: How do the comments of Montague and Benvolio in Act 1 help you understand the character of Romeo?
5.     (a) Analyze; What threats to Romeo and Juliet’s love already exist in Act 1: (b) Support: How does Shakespeare use these threats to generate suspense in the first act?

6.    Evaluate: Based on Romeo’s behavior in Act 1, do you think Shakespeare accurately portrays a teenager in love? Explain.