Thursday, January 31, 2019

Student-Generated Writing Prompts for The Old Man and the Sea

Student-Generated Writing Prompts for 
The Old Man and the Sea

Grade 9 P. 4 English 10 Taylor

        1.  What did the struggle with the fish and/or sharks symbolize?
        2. Santiago’s inner thoughts; what do they mean?
        3. What/who could Santiago symbolize? (Jesus, Francis, etc…)
        4. Does Santiago give up after getting 1)hurt, 2)criticized, 3)attacked by sharks? 
       5. Does Man olin care about Santiago like 1)a parental figure, 2)a friend, 3)a      god
       6. What mental state was Santiago in? Did his mentality affect him in any way?
       7. What role does Santiago have in the town? (crazy… wise… poor… etc…)
       8. What did the shark represent? (evil… the devil… etc…)