Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Christmas Carol Cycle

Our Christmas Carol Cycle: 

Watch the video, locate the section in the book, analyze the section--then teams will write scripts for scenes and perform them. We don't have fancy costumes, but we have hats!

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol eText

Stave 1 text questions,%20Science%20and%20Technology/Forms/Teacher%20Forms/achristmascarolstave1questions.pdf

Stave 2 text questions,%20Science%20and%20Technology/Forms/Teacher%20Forms/achristmascarolstave2questions13-14.pdf

Stave 3 questions,%20Science%20and%20Technology/Forms/Teacher%20Forms/AChristmasCarolStave3Questions14-15.pdf

Stave 4 questions

Stave 5 questions

Students will write scenes from the story and perform them. Fun!

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